Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss Preview

MMORPG.com has published a short preview of Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss, based on what little we know about EA's promising expansion pack up to this point.
So, what else changes with the release of this new style of dungeon?

Many builds that are centered around player versus monster (or player versus environment) don't feature certain skills such as Resist Spells. 120 Evaluate Intelligence and 120 Magery paralyzation don't usually come from them; however, many players do cast just that. So, in the future, players may actually have to take real re-consideration into their builds, as the additions of the "toughest bosses" will also, most likely, mean some of the best loot. Thinking about taking that crowd control bard of yours? You might want to think again. Peace-making, at best, might just stall your opponent enough to run as fast as you can, but not if they get to you first. I know for my bard in a player versus player situation, he's going to be dead so fast I won't have time to beg.

Now, as for an experience many players can relate this concept to Champ Spawns in Felucca. Many times, reds camp around the area in order to loot or kill parties at their weakest hour. Currently, many parties choose just to do Trammel or Ilshs spawns (I know I usually stick with them), aside from rare occasions; however, what if Doom allowed player versus player combat? Suddenly, a place where the best artifacts can be obtained from is threatened to be off limits to the PvM player.