Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

The very first review of the console port of Ascaron's Sacred sequel is now available, along with a late review of the PC version.

IGN tackles the Xbox 360 version, giving it a "passable" 6.2/10:
For players looking for an action-RPG loot grind offering plenty of gameplay hours, enemies to kill, and numerous ways to kill them, you'll find it in Ascaron's Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. You'll also find an inconvenient interface, mediocre visuals, and a number of technical drawbacks that keep this from really being a standout experience. The story and the game's eccentric, seemingly random sense of humor could provide satisfaction for some, but ultimately it lacks the character and strength required to keep any solo-type of player engaged. The true draw here is the combat and class customization, so if you've got a few friends around it could serve as a solid distraction for a while with its options for online play while you wait for something better to come along.

While GDN gives the PC version a 6.5/10:
All factors considered this game will definitely keep any RPG fan amused for hours on end. With plenty of enemies and bad guys coming at you it keeps you on your toes and the map icons show of where you will be able to find the things you need for your quests. The guys at Ascaron have certainly left no stone unturned in the way of thought, detail and how to keep the gamer engaged and wanting more of this amazingly vast world which can change at the drop of a hat. It's certainly something I would recommend if it's your style and Sacred 2 proves itslef a good break from the sometimes hectic and busy world of the MMORPG. Even if it doesn't have the same social value and it seems like your in a huge world on your own with a lot of people just wanting to kill you and no one else.