BioShock 2 Interview, Part Two

The second installment to OXM's BioShock 2 interview with 2K Marin creative director Jordan Thomas is now available.
Do you think that Rapture and Bioshock are so tightly linked, if there were a Bioshock 3 that would be another story within Rapture?

I think Rapture remains fertile for as much expansion as a team sees in it. I absolutely belive that there might be future games set in Rapture in whatever time period, but I would also say that I think that the Bioshock brand is big enough that it could evolve. Currently, we find Rapture fascinating, that a city that large begs further exploration, a city with that much history, but I can't speak to specific sequels past Bioshock 2 now, but I could speculate and say merely that the type of experience that type of experience Bioshock is is flexible enough to see lots of expansion down the road, and a lot of different directions. Whatever it is, it has to surprise the player. Whether you stay in Rapture, or go elsewhere, it's got to bring you somewhere unlike anywhere else, unlike any other game. So there's a pretty broad range if that's your thesis statement, right?