Mount & Blade Review

The folks over at GamersInfo have published a scoreless but very enthusiastic review of TaleWorlds' Mount & Blade.
Although there is no story, the combat is extremely well-rounded, very detailed and something that must be experienced. Mount & Blade was designed to be modded, from mods that improve the combat, add new weapons and features, and add in new tactics and troops, all the way to completely overhauling the game into something different. Maybe, in time, there might be a couple out there that adds in a good story. Each time I've tried to describe what a battle is like, it just feels wrong. There are too many aspects to write about, so just go and try it! If you like first-person combat, medieval combat or even RPG-style leveling systems, you'll go crazy for the detailed, fast-paced action in Mount & Blade. But what I've been trying to write this whole time without being too blunt is that horse-mounted combat is absolutely incredible and must be tried. This is by far the most fun I've had in combat in any game to date, and I really can't stop playing it. Plus, why not support an independent developer?