Frayed Knights Developer Blog Update

Two more updates on Jay Barnson's humorous indie RPG, Frayed Knights, are available on the Tales of the Rampant Coyote blog. The first discusses feats in the game, while the second covers a murder-mystery quest and adding more dialogue.
Based on the feedback I've received from people about Frayed Knights, the dialogs between the characters was - stunningly (for me) - very well received, with the biggest complaint being that there wasn't enough of it. Yes, this complaint greatly outweighed the complaints that the dialogs were dry, boring, and un-funny. I guess this is to be expected - anybody who volunteers to be a guinea pig for a pre-alpha test of a game probably has some kind of masochist streak running through them, so AFAIK both criticisms are probably perfectly valid.

Nevertheless, I'm trying to add Yet More Dialog to the game. This also works to help focus my design --- more dialog means packing the areas with More Interesting Things for the party to talk about, interact with, and to dilly-dally with instead of pursuing the primary plotline. Just like my dice & paper games...