Dungeons & Dragons Online Website Relaunched

Turbine has relaunched their official Dungeons & Dragons Online website with a whole new look and a much greater emphasis on the game's upcoming Module 9: The Plane of Battle update. To kick it off, the site features a developer diary concerning changes being made to the Stormreach Marketplace:

With the threat of the Subterrane held at bay, vendors and brokers have packed up their make-shift shops in the Rusty Nail Tavern and started to repopulate the Remembrance Plaza. Brokers have settled into the Pawn Exchange on south Silversmith Road located near the Jester's Haunt. (It's good to see the vendors return to the Market, especially now with the great new look of the plaza to help attract customers!) said local shopper Ingrit Tallow. Everything in the Marketplace is hustling and bustling. The airship at the Spire is a regular presence once more, and the streets are alive with sales of weapons, armors, and other supplies. Even the local Hireling dealers saw a boost in their commerce, and have opened up new stands near Jester's Haunt. Feeling a bit crowded by all of the vendors, Churchwarden the Auctioneer has relocated to a road to the north side of the Bazaar tent. (There's more elbow room for me over here, and now my patrons don't have to fight the crowds over by Silversmith Road,) commented Churchwarden. Vendors and traders have such a strong presence on the Silversmith now that the Agents of Argonnessen felt a bit lacking in privacy. Cydonie, Aurben, and Genecia of Argonnessen have been seen mingling closer to the fountain near the Lordsmarch Bank, away from prying eyes.

In addition to the vendors coming back to the Market, the Marketplace gate is now open to all visitors! (Citizens have done such a good job helping to fight back danger and making the streets safe again that we felt it was time to relax our gate security,) said Harbormaster Zin. Therefore, you will no longer be required to have a Harbormaster's seal (or bribe unscrupulous guards) to enter the Marketplace. The Harbormaster will still be looking for help in the Waterworks, however, and encourages interested adventurers to pay him a visit for ample rewards.