BioShock 2 Preview

2K Marin's upcoming BioShock sequel has received the preview treatment over at Hooked Gamers.
As the prototype Big Daddy, you possess all of the firepower and abilities that the Big Daddies from the first BioShock had and more. In addition to the drill and rivet gun, you will have access to various upgrades, customizable ammo and new plasmid weapons. The new weapons can't be abused though use the signature spinning drill too much and it will overheat. Don't worry, there is another perk. You can now use plasmids and guns at the same time, and as plasmids increase in level, they change. In the first game, increasing your incinerate power just made it stronger and last longer. Now, it gives you more options, like throwing fireballs or using your hand like a flamethrower. As a Big Daddy you can also use the powerful (shoulder bash move) that was used against you repeatedly in the first BioShock. In addition, you now have the ability to heal damaged mechanical weapons turrets and hacked bots and turn them into an army that can help you fight through the legions of splicers poised to ruin your day.

As you fight off other Big Daddies and splicers, the Big Sister will viciously hunt you down for disrupting the balance of power. Getting more adam and powering up is the only way to fight back. As in the first game, Little Sisters are the only way to get adam. By (harvesting) or (adopting) them, you choose to follow the path of good or evil.