The Secret World Previews, Interviews

Now that Funcom has taken the lid off their next MMORPG, several new previews and two video interviews (at Gametrailers and with game director Ragnar Tornquist have surfaced.

A snip from GameSpot's article:
One of the most intriguing aspects of The Secret World is the game's fiction, which, according to Tornquist, "goes back 100 million years" and involves everything from the Knights Templar to Pandora's box to the Garden of Eden to the Fountain of Youth to the Freemasons, and just about every other myth that has ever been tied to a conspiracy theory or occult investigation. Your character will be a freelancing adventurer who gets thrust into the world to seek out clues as to who's behind each unexplainable phenomenon as well as to duel with vampires, ghouls, and other bizarre critters that go bump in the night.

A snip from IGN's article:
The Secret World has had a couple of names in developing, including Cabal, which is a reference to the kind of game it's going to be. Funcom is going away from swords and sorcery and anything that might seem typical fantasy. Instead, this is a game that's set in the "real world" with cities like London, New York, and Seoul. But there's also an undercurrent of something paranormal that's lurking in the shadows. Ragnar showed me a cool internal concept video that the team used for inspiration and direction; it basically referenced everything from vampires to the Merovingians to Stonehenge to the Titans. Those may not be in this game, but Funcom is looking to tap the ideas that lurk in the shadows of our minds.

And a snip from Eurogamer's article:
Character customisation is completely free, and allows players to explore paths such as dark magic, voodoo and witchcraft as well as martial arts, ancient weapons and modern firearms. "If you want to be a character that has some magic power and ranged combat, you can use a shotgun and a voodoo doll and you can kick some serious ass using just your fists and your feet; you can do that. If you want to focus just in one direction and be a brawny soldier character who wears Kevlar armour and huge combat boots and a headband, you can do that," he says.