BioShock 2 Info From Official PlayStation Magazine

GOONL!NE has posted several details they gleaned from the BioShock 2 preview found in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine.
  • The game does take place 10 years after the original as it sees Rapture been rebuilt.

  • You do play as the first Big Daddy (we obviously know that bit)

  • Unlike the last game where you had to switch inbetween weapons and plasmids, you can use both at the same time. Better yet, you can upgrade these weapons as they are Big Daddy’s standard weapons.

  • If you decide to take a Little Sister with you, she can harvest ADAM but beware, you can be attacked from nowhere by goons looking for their own Adam. After which, you take her to a sfae place, where you must decide to harvest her for more ADAM or keep her alive.

  • Infact, during these seiges with the Little Sister, you may be attacked by the Big Sister.

  • Sections of the game wont just take place inside Rapture. It’ll also take place outside Rapture and on the sea bed from Rapture, due to your Big Daddy suit.

  • Know that little girl you seen in the debut trailer back in November? Oh she is very important, but how? She’s the Big Sister.

  • It was her that wanted to be a Big Sister so much, she made her own suit to make her look like a “Big Sister”.

  • She abducts children from all over the world (hence the little marks on the teaser website from Ireland to all over the place), so she can bring them to Rapture and make them Little Sisters.

  • Multiplayer? It’s real.

  • The multiplayer is a prequal, apparently. We’re gonna try and get more info from that from our subcriber friend.

  • OPM speculate that 2K Marin are doing the single player, while 2K Boston, the developers of the original game, are doing the multiplayer, this is due to a joblisting that came out from 2k Boston.
I really hope they expand upon the plasmid and weapon upgrade concepts. Oh, and more character development all around would be nice.