The Dark Eye: Demonicon Diary #1

The Dark Eye: Demonicon project manager Stefan Hoffmann has penned his first of what will most likely be many developer diaries on RPG Vault. In it, he discusses the RPG's graphical style:
Finding a style means having to decide on a consistent look for the game as a whole. This is far more complex than it sounds; the job is not done just by defining somewhere that all elves have pointy ears, for example.

So, we had to find a graphics style for Demonicon that fuses characters, setting and story into one consistent whole. What is special about this project is that there are requirements of the licensor we have to meet and, of course, the existence of the huge The Dark Eye fan base. Its members have a clear image in their heads, formed over many years, of how a wyvern has to look in Aventuria - just copying a picture of it is obviously not enough, however.

As a result, we already had a number of basic specifications that we had to keep in mind. To have some freedom in designing the game's graphics, we chose a style combining realism and artistic aspiration. The following paragraphs will tell you exactly what this means.
A pair of new screenshots are included, too.