Age of Conan Interview, Parts One and Two is offering up the first two pages of a four-page interview they did with Age of Conan game director Craig Morrison, presumably during last week's GDC.
What is the status of Age of Conan, as of right now?

The game is eight months on since launch, and much has changed. We have been focusing a lot on different areas based on feedback given by the players after release. Currently, we are at the stage where we are adding a lot of content and a lot more systems. We are trying, in many ways, to flush out the game world with more interesting content and more interesting systems for the players to enjoy.

Now we are moving towards our 5th major game update, which will be heading to the public test servers shortly. This means we have already had a lot of content added since last year, including new PvP systems, a PvP consequence system, huge, new playfields and several new dungeons. In addition to this you have all the normal tweaking, fixing and polishing of the product. I believe that every game update has been very large. The updates certainly seem like it when I review them as written documents. I think the smallest update we had consisted of around 20 pages, and the largest was around 40. This includes a lot of internal notes however, such as engine specific things.