New Zero-Projekt Website Launched

Indie RPG Zero-Projekt has got a brand spankin' new website, mainly to improve accessibility for English language users.
Some of you might already know it - our website got a complete overhaul. The changes took us nearly a week, but now we have finished - the Zero-Projekt website is back.

Many changes and improvements have been made. The forum software has been updated and we switched to a new CMS: Redaxo. (Which we would like to praise and approve at this opportunity)

The main drive for this relaunch was to improve the multilanguage aspect and the amount of information about our project. So you will not only find more articles on the main page - they were also completely translated to English. We also separated the forums from the website and introduced a new design for both the forums and the website.

Furthermore, there are some new subdomains available:

* - German website
* - English website
* - Forums