Dungeons & Dragons Online: A History of Modules

Codemasters has cranked out an informative list of every module that's been added to Dungeons & Dragons Online since the game's launch in February of 2006. Module 9 will be raising the level cap to 20, which is a welcome addition since the previous level cap in Module 6:
Module 6: The Thirteenth Eclipse

This major update to DDO brings new open landscape regions, an increased level cap, and more monsters, spells, magic items, and traditional dungeons.

New content features:

'¢ New Landscape: Players can now explore three new areas of Stormreach including The Twelve, a series of floating towers, Meridia, an Eladrin enclave and the Vale of Twilight a huge explorable region with four distinct areas filled with quests to challenge high-level players.

'¢ Increased Level Cap: Players can now advance to 16th-level under the D&D® rules. This includes access to 8th-level arcane and divine spells (Polar Ray, Sunburst, Firestorm, Trap the Soul, and more), new character abilities, feats, and skills.

'¢ 12-player Raid: DDO's biggest and best raid yet calls on players to weather waves of devils from Shavarath, solve intriguing puzzles and battle several uniquely powered lieutenants across five distinct regions to face Arraetrikos, a huge red-winged menace with plans to conquer Xen'drik.

'¢ Prototype Crafting System: The new crafting system opens up new possibilities to turn unused items into something exciting using The Eldritch Device and one of over 1000 recipes.