Frayed Knights Dev Blog Update

Jay Barnson talks of demo planning and talks about the area that will be for show in the April Utah Indie Night demo (not a public release).
One of my big inspirations for Frayed Knights was to explore how this group of characters would approach and abuse an otherwise "traditional" fantasy RPG adventure. Imagining how the Frayed Knights would plunge through something like Ravenloft just makes me giddy.

I do have the Hackmaster parody of Ravenloft, Robinloft, just to see what they did with it. It really isn't the direction I wanted to go, however. While memories of Ravenloft provide some inspiration for this chapter of the game, it's really not quite the direction I want to go, either.

For one thing, our vampire is more of a 70's era glam-rock star. Complete with platform boots, a short cape, and bright-colored clothing. With sequins and rhinestones.

That's right, our vampire glitters.