Dungeons & Dragons Online Contest and XP Bonus

Turbine has announced a new Valetine's Day screenshot contest that will run alongside an experience and loot bonus for several days.
Valentines day is around the corner, and while love is in the air for some, we wanted to express our love for DDO and our players too...

Starting this Thursday, February 12th, and running through February 17th, DDO Players will gain a 25% XP bonus and +1 tier bonus loot quality! Additionally, be sure to join us for our Valentine's Day themed Screenshot contest! Click here to find out how you can participate!

From everyone at Turbine, we appreciate and love our players, and wish you all a profitable and fun Valentine's weekend!
Maybe I'll fire up my account again to take advantage of the extra 25% experience. I never did get to try out the Module 8 content.