Frayed Knights Dev Blog Update

A new update on indie RPG Frayed Knights comes at us from over on the Tales of the Rampant Coyote blog, mostly talking about UI issues.
And yet the average person will not appreciate it in the least. For example, doing UI stuff. Which I am STILL working on. For the average player, the amount of work that has to go into making a working drag-and-drop inventory is probably going to be completely lost on them. They just know that it should work.

On the design and coding side, there are a lot of issues to take care of.

Like what happens to the object - logically - when it is picked up from one an inventory and dragged across the screen? Does it remain in the original inventory, but hidden in the interface? Or do I remove it from the original inventory the moment it is picked up, but before the player has chosen what he's going to do with it? What happens if he tries to shut down the inventory screen or bring up the option screen with a keypress while holding an item with the mouse? If I bring up a pop-up screen of the items stats when the player hovers the cursor over an item's icon, should I still do it if he's dragging another item around? Will that be confusing? And what if I don't WANT to move the item, but simply want to activate it?