Richard Garriott Interview

GameDaily was able to corner space cadet Richard "Lord British" Garriott for a two-page Q&A about the closure of Tabula Rasa, whether or not he'd be willing to develop another Ultima game, and more.
BIZ: If you did return to games, would it definitely be an online game?

Garriott: I wouldn't use the word definitely. I think that if it were today, it's most probable. That's just what I find the most interesting, still. That being said, I am still a huge fan of solo-player games as both a player, and as a storyteller. I just think there's an intimacy in solo-player games that is much easier to do in a solo-player environment than it is to shoehorn it into a multiplayer environment. One of the things we were trying with Tabula Rasa was to offer more storytelling in an MMO setting. And we made some strides in that direction. But I still don't think it was nearly to the level that the middle Ultimas did.

BIZ: If Electronic Arts wanted you to return and author a single-player Ultima for the consoles, would you do that?

Garriott: Conceptually? Sure. The property Ultima is still very near and dear to my heart. I think that if, by hook or by crook, I had access to that property, either in solo-player or multiplayer, I would absolutely love to continue to play in the Ultima universe.
Announce a new single player Ultima and I'll put my pre-order in now.