Two Worlds Review

There's a new review of Reality Pump's Two Worlds on personal blog World 1-1, though you'll discover that it's not all that favorable.
Two Worlds isn't a horrible RPG, but it feels incredibly unfinished leaving the patches to make up for what should have worked outside of the box upon its initial release. Those band-aids are probably one of the reasons why I didn't have a terribly buggy time with it, but it still doesn't excuse how unpolished the rest of the game is making it something of a surprise to hear that a sequel is coming out. Digging past the layers of mismanaged quests, buggy horses, tepid storylines, and hilarious histrionics uncovered some of the fun that Reality Pump hoped to topple Bethesda's Oblivion with, but only RPG fans desperately hungry for another sandbox adventure might want to brave the journey.