Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

One negative and one somewhat mediocre review of Ascaron's Sacred sequel hit the web over this past weekend. The negative review is at GameSpy, where they award the game a 2/5:
Sacred 2 suffers from a sort of "cargo cult" design mentality. It treads the ground pioneered by Diablo and Diablo II well enough. If all you're looking for is hours and hours of basic monster-killing, leveling up and sifting though loot, Sacred 2 hit all the bases competently enough -- or at least it will once a few patches clear up the nastiest bugs. What it misses is the nuance, the charm and the challenge that marked both the original games and the best of the Diablo clones (such as Titan Quest). In short, Sacred 2 is a game that's easy to miss without really missing out.

And the other is at Computer Games Romania with a score of 80/100:
Something completely unique in the history of video games is the way the game was published. The normal version has about 12 GB of data when installed, which is no small matter, but quoting Lăpuşneanul, (it's many). In the Collector's Edition you can also find an additional DVD with another 8 GB of (ultra high resolution) textures (term which is meant to impress). And, honestly, the difference is huge.

I'm not saying the game doesn't look good with its normal, (second hand) textures, but if you've got a friend who's got the Collector's edition, like, say, the Internet, 3 GB of memory and a video card with 3 pairs of... cohones, you won't regret for a second taking my advice, in these tragically-amplified-by-Blind-Guardian's-epic-tune times. And since we're talking about the Blind Guardians, you'll meet them in-game, where they'll be performing in a rather pathetic concert, with no blood but plenty of hairy creatures to go around. Nothing out of the ordinary.