Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Grab Bag Q&A

Mythic Entertainment has dished up another "Grab Bag Q&A" for their most popular MMO franchise, Warhammer Online.
Q. I love the influence system and can't wait for the incoming RvR influence system. Will these work the exact same way? Will there be any differences?

A. Influence for Open RVR is earned by fighting in Open RVR areas. You will be notified that you've entered these areas when you see the Influence bar appear on your User Interface. You can then click the bar to open up your Tome of Knowledge and look at all of the information relevant to that Open RvR Area. Influence is gained by killing enemy players or attacking/defending objectives including keeps and Battlefield Objectives. Similar to how influence is gained in Chapter Influence, each player kill will be worth a set amount that will be split among the attackers. There are three rewards to choose from per Tier per pairing. So in any Tier, you can gain three rewards per pairing for a total of nine rewards to choose from.