Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Games32 is next up to review Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, calling it an appealing if unfinished hack 'n slash and giving it a 76/100.
Sacred 2 manages instead to be a perfect, good ol' fashioned, hack'n'slash, that doesn't require you to be a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic or to memorize books of thousands of pages of RPG rules. Perfect from a gameplay point of view, don't interpret this as "bug free".

Because I was mentioning at the beginning of this article, the bugs are numerous, and really get in the way of you having fun. Melee weapons hitting at a really long range, or not hitting at all at close range sometimes; ranged weapons or spells have odd animations and disappear sometimes at various distances before actually hitting the target, even if they do damage them in fact. NPCs that you escort randomly "loose" their feet into the ground. Not to mention there is no possible way to drop or abandon a quest, so if you rescue someone, you must escort him and finish the quest if you want to see him/her gone. This ends up in a long list of NPCs accompanying you and pulling every mob on the map and getting in your way every time.
Spotted on Blue's News.