Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

Based on this latest wave of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel reviews, it looks like the gaming public is starting to give the action RPG sequel a slightly warmer reception. The first is at Ars Technica who give it a "buy" verdict and call it "the offline MMORPG of your dreams":
Sacred 2 initially shipped in bad shape, but a recent spree of patches have made the game largely more playable. There are still a few annoyances, like the limited camera perspective and a lacking amount of control customization, but overall, the game is worth getting into with these patches in tow. Sacred 2 is a great hack-and-slash with a huge world and tons of opportunity to grind offline or with up to 15 other friends on a LAN or over the Internet. If you always dreamed of a small-scale MMO, this is the game for you. And if not, this will at least tide you over until Diablo III.

The second is at Destructoid with a score of 6/10:
Overall, if you're a fan of hack and slash games and are looking for something to play until Diablo III comes out, Sacred 2 is definitely worth checking out, particularly if/when the game is patched. If these kinds of games aren't your cup of tea, there's nothing new here that will change your mind or your opinion of the genre. If it weren't for all the bugs, Sacred 2 would get a better score, but as it stands now it needs some significant patching to reach its full entertainment potential.

The third is at GamePro with a score of 3.5/5:
All said, Sacred 2 is a mixed bag. While many elements in the game aren't really that well designed, such as some very needless tedium getting around the world, and while the game is in some dire need of a patch or two to fix up some nagging issues, it has enough in the way of personality and zest to more than likely win over most fans of the genre. Sacred 2 certainly isn't the best of games, but it will offer you plenty of gameplay and an interesting ride while you're doing it so long as you can forgive its faults.

The fourth is at Co-Optimus with a score of 4/5:
All in all Sacred 2 is a gorgeous Action RPG that stands in it's own right. Co-Op works well with with the four player co-op campaign mode, and you'll find yourself in plenty of those "had to be there moments." There are some issues with the interface, not only for starting a game, but for basic things like item trading. These are minor in the grander scheme of things. Sacred 2 should satisfy any MMORPG urges you have, without having to pay any monthly fees.

And the fifth is at G4's X-Play with a score of 4/5:
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel doesn't really do anything new or particularly better than any other level grinding RPG out there, but it does it all quite well and offers a massive world that will take ages to explore fully. If you're the type who needs a strong story and compelling characters to get sucked in, it's safe to say this isn't your game. But, if you usually go running in the opposite direction of the main quest in order to make your own adventure, you'll find plenty of that here.