Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Peek #7

RPG Vault continues their series of Sacred 2 "peek" features with a seventh installment that focuses on the game's dryad region.
Dyr-Lain is a paradise unlike any other. While mostly subtropical in nature with its fair share of greenery and jungle depths, the heat is never oppressive; the mild climate is perfect for fruits and animals of many kinds, allowing them to thrive. The Dryads' naturalistic nature makes them very respectful of their environment; while they live off the land through gathering and hunting, they never take more than they need, lest they upset that critical balance.

Even more so, Dryads consider Dyr-Lain to be their personal reserve, and take care of it accordingly. The forests are well cared for, the rivers and waterfalls remain sparkling and pure, and the wildlife healthy and bountiful. This balance has served them well for all these centuries and, if left up to them, it will remain so for many, many more.