Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

Ascaron Entertainment's Sacred sequel is the subject of two more reviews, both of which are more favorable than some of the others we've seen for the game. First in line is 1UP with a score of "A-":
Your character's development is as wide-open as the world. Sacred 2 encourages different approaches early on, with the choices gradually narrowing as you specialize at higher levels. Improvements come frequently and in small increments, but every point spent is a painfully difficult choice among multiple types of advancement (attributes, combat arts, special abilities, and skills are all separate -- but interrelated -- types of advancement). All the detail has a very German sensibility. Whereas Diablo is elegant, Sacred 2 is fastidious, stuffed with hard numbers and brimming with tool tips.

Then we have Cheat Code Central with a score of 3.8/5:
A hack-and-slash RPG quest of massive proportion, Sacred 2 caters to the throng of players who are anxiously awaiting the eventual release of Diablo III. PC gamers who've been salivating over the prospect of the next Diablo will undoubtedly seek temporary solace in the familiar gameplay found in Sacred 2 and be willing to turn a blind eye to the title's annoying bugs and occasionally repetitious play mechanics just to get their fix. Indeed, overlook the few minor irritating aspects of the game, and you'll find Sacred 2 to be surprisingly enjoyable.