Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

RealGamer has dished up the latest review of Sacred 2, and it doesn't sound like they liked the action RPG sequel a whole lot. The score is a 6.6/10, with these two concluding paragraphs:
Then there's the abysmal voice actors delivering drab lines of a script that thinks it's being ironic. It's not. It's being boring and rubbish, and that it makes a vague attempt to qualify this only ends up working against it. I don't remember the music, so that can't be a good thing. I remember quite liking the sound of some birds flying overhead at one point, but the fact that I'm clutching at this as a highlight should suggest something to you.

Disappointing, then. Oddly enough, Sacred 2 has fulfilled its promises in a way. It is indeed huge, the plot is indeed dynamic, and the engine's detail is indeed (occasionally) impressive. But the problem was never going to be the approach. Sadly, Sacred 2's execution is horrifically lacking, and the result is a bland and unimportant videogame.