Space Siege Review

The guys at WorthPlaying have gotten around to posting their review of Gas Powered Games' Space Siege, giving the action RPG a score of 5.5/10.
I'll admit that as I started going at it hardcore, I began to feel a twinge of affection for Space Siege; it had become some degree of fun to slaughter aliens wholesale for no other reason than because I could, and the controls were finally starting to sort of gel despite their oddness, but the restrictive nature of mouse-based combat with a dodge button really never sat well. (Point of order: I am a fan of games like Alien Shooter Rampage, where the player is given free motion, and this may have biased my opinions on the controls.) I've found that despite executing a number of things competently, Space Siege really has little going for it as a whole and winds up being a simply average product with an uninteresting cast, a plot full of clichés, and some confusing design decisions. This one may prove to be an appealing bargain bin title for a few hours of entertaining destruction, but only Diablo fans will feel truly at home, and they have other choices that they'll probably enjoy more.