Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

TVG has whipped up a review of Ascaron Entertainment's newly released Sacred sequel, in which they point out many of the same flaws others have reported. The score is a 7/10, with this conclusion:
Something else that hasn't been forgotten from the 2004 original is humour, which continues to feel out of place here. Right from the loading screen, when a random quip appears (sometimes based on Monty Python), this 'lighter' side to Sacred II defies its hardcore gameplay. It's actually pretty contrived, with gravestones enjoying such jape-filled epitaphs like 'I'm not going anywhere', enemies going all post-modern with quips such as 'I knew I was only an extra'. Even the protagonist breaks the fourth wall of acting, reassuring players that he's a patient man: 'Sure, go AFK (Away from Keyboard) I'll wait!' It's not a sweet or mischievous humour like Overlord or Fable, or further back into the annals of time, the Discworld adventures, but what it does succeed in doing is stick out like a sore thumb.

There are bugs to be found, no doubt a specialist team are working feverishly on a patch or two, but the most annoying by far has to be the recurring issue of speech repeating itself. Party members have an all too annoying tic, which for some reason compels them to endlessly issue the same orders again and again. (Come to me!), (To me!), (Gather round to me!) are cycled around through the game, becoming a mantra that will infect your dreams at night. Trust me. How on earth this managed to slip through quality assurance is anybody's guess, and its existence becomes all the more ludicrous when you notice the launch version is already 2.0. Additional patches are being made available even as we speak, which should improve the experience for gamers.especially if the raving NPC loon in our party actually shuts his yap.