Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Peek #5

RPG Vault continues their series of Sacred 2 "peek" features with a fifth installment that focuses on the game's Seraphim region.
The seraphim were once a highly organized hierarchical society centered on a militaristic way of life; their lifelong training in the way of the weapon made them the most formidable fighters in all of Ancaria. It was considered a natural extension of the supreme responsibility that was theirs, the guardianship of the T-Energy. This conviction was also partially the cause of their downfall.

Being at the top of the warrior chain, so to speak, for so long, made it easy to lapse into a sense of security. Indeed, as endless time slipped by, they eventually began to like their luxuries a bit more, and then a bit more... In due course, the custodianship of T-Energy partially slipped to the High Elves. While a number of factors caused this, the latter mainly recognized the seraphim's now slovenly lust for comfort and their underlying vanity, which played perfectly into their manipulative hands.