Neverwinter Nights 2 v1.21 Patch Released

Obsidian Entertainment has released a v1.21 patch for Neverwinter Nights 2, which includes some general changes, a few toolset tweaks, and some launch day fixes for Storm of Zehir. The full notes, following an auto-patch:
Bug Fixes


· Item costs in the game should match the costs in the toolset.
· Party members that have wands with 0 charges will now attack and use spells normally.
· When dropping an item, characters will now use the appropriate "drop" animation.
· Fixed an issue with opening two bags at once. You will now only be able to open one bag.
· The tool tip for the Player Chat menu item will now say Player Chat.
· Fixed an issue that caused freecam (console command) to not work properly.
· Made several corrections to the Doomgude class description.
· Snake's Swiftness, Mass will now affect the entire party.
· Hellfire Shield should now play an appropriate sound effect when activated.
· Hellfire Blast should now play an appropriate sound when activated.
· The description of Hellfire Shield has been changed to appropriately reflect it is an Area of Effect shield.
· Weapon Focus: Warmace will now be available to all qualified characters.
· The ability score descriptions in character creation have been changed to be more informative and reflect changes to the game.
· Fixed an issue that was causing certain AI behavior feedback to be displayed, even after being deactivated.
· When the game is paused, a much more noticeable message is displayed.
· Aura of protection will no longer provide "No Stacking" feedback.


· Item costs in the toolset should match the costs in game.
· Changing checkboxes with multiple objects selected will no longer cause the toolset to crash.
· Changing dropdown lists with multiple objects selected will no longer cause the toolset to crash.
· Fixed an issue where resizing a creature may not have resized the collision spheres.
· Fixed an issue where the creature cache was not working properly.
· dropdowns generated from 2DAs will no longer start with the wrong row selected.
· Redesigned the fields associated with setting Tints to no longer be collapsed controls.
· Fixed an issue that caused light and sound spheres to not render at their proper size.
· Fixed an issue that caused ceiling tint changes to not show up in the toolset.

New Features


· Playable races now have a proper stealth animation.
· Added in the AI functionality from TonyK's AI.
· In a peer-to-peer multiplayer session, the hosting player may now unpause the game unconditionally.


· Added properties associated with the overland map, including camera positioning and the flag to mark the area as an overland map.
· Added camera positioning functionality settings in the area properties to support overland maps created by the community.
· Added a flag in the area properties to set an area to be an overland map.
· Added Campaign flags for Unrestricting NPC level ups (Lets them chose any class at level up)
· Added Campaign flags for Conversation Distance limit override.
· Added Campaign flags for Turn off party-control character swapping for dialogs on a global level.
· Added Campaign flags to enable Party Creation and setting what the size of the party should be.
· Added Campaign flags to toggle the new death system.


· PlaySound() now takes an optional parameter: bPlayAs2D. This parameter will default to FALSE. Setting this parameter to TRUE will force the engine to play the sound you specified as a 2D sound rather than 3D Positional audio, regardless of what the engine would normally do before.
· BeginConversation() now has a parameter that allows you to block the character's 'Greeting' VO from playing.
· Added a script function SetScrollBarValue()
· Added a script function SetPause()
· Added a script function GetPause()

Storm of Zehir Bug Fixes (Spoilers beyond this point)

Storm of Zehir Campaign Fixes

· Fixed issues caused by escaping out of the conversation with Dall Nickleplate.
· Jan will now return to West Harbor after completing the quest "Whispers in the March."
· Characters will now scale appropriately when entering the overland maps.
· The quest "Under New Management" has been changed to require both of Port Llast's trade routes restored. This is stated in the new quest steps.
· Options to leave the Dusty Gnome Tavern have been added to Leilon's conversation.
· Transitioning to an overland map will force the player out of stealth mode.
· The amount of treasure has been reduced in the barrow.
· When attempting to rest on the overland map, with enemies nearby, a message is now sent to whichever character is currently being controlled on the Overland Map. Previously, only the first PC on the list could ever see the feedback.
· The chat log will now report "A nearby enemy interrupted your rest" if you cannot rest because there is an enemy near.
· When transitioning to the overland map from an encounter, players will now receive a warning indicating that characters in the "dying" state will die if they complete the transition.
· Improved the spawn behavior for the goodie system.
· Improved the selection of goods in Jacoby's store.
· Improved the selection of goods in the Nimbre Merchant's store.
· The quest "Seeking the Truth" will now update appropriately.
· On the overland map "Good things will no longer come to those who wait."
· Fixed an issue that was causing Haeromos Dothwintyl to have two hair styles at the same time.
· Made some adjustments to encounter factions on the overland maps.
· Removed a "phantom secret door" from "the cabin."
· Adjusted the difficulty of many encounters.
· The price to establish a caravan has been clarified so that it requires gold, not trade bars.
· Removed redundant options from the temple conversations.
· Escaping out of the conversation with Aruna will no longer make her hostile.
· The description of Fey Power has been changed. The feat can be taken at level 1, not level 6.
· The trade window will now display a message when you do not have any goods or resources.
· Manycoins Eramus now heals the entire party, not just the party leader.
· Increased skill check DCs in various conversations.

SoZ Crafting

· The Adamantine Warhammer recipe will now cost the appropriate amount.
· Amulet of Health +6 recipe will create the appropriate item.
· The text for the Boots of Speed item recipe have been changed to match the actual requirements.
· The recipe for the Cloak of fortification +3 item will now use the proper ingredients and create the proper item.
· Armor Enhancement Recipes will provide the correct AC bonus.
· The Gauntlets of Ogre Power recipe will now yield the correct item.
· Made a correction to the description of the Headband of Intellect +2 recipe.
· Made a correction to the description of the Headband of Intellect +6 recipe.
· The cost of creating a Mithral Breastplate is now 2100 GP, instead of 5100GP.
· New enchantments will override old enchantments of the same type.