Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

Ascaron Entertainment's Sacred sequel is the subject of two more somewhat average review scores. First up is IGN with a score of 7.5/10:
As far as Diablo-style hack-and-slash action-RPGs go, Ascaron Entertainment's Sacred 2 is the best genre entry since Titan Quest. It offers a huge world to explore, tons of loot, plenty of monster types, and lots of ways to customize its six character classes. While it does have a quirky personality, it doesn't offer much as far as its narrative goes that's compelling, and the game suffers from numerous bugs and technical issues, including poor friendly AI, game crashes and performance problems, hopefully something that gets worked out over the coming months through patch updates. It's also not a game that tries anything truly novel, just a lot of tried-and-true quest, kill, loot, and repeat mechanics. With others online it's a much more enjoyable experience, but as of right now the US servers are more or less empty, something that hopefully changes in the days and months beyond release.

Followed by DarkZero with a score of 7/10:
For the people on the lookout for a new RPG to play and especially the ones who are awaiting Blizzard's Diablo 3, Sacred 2 might just pass the time for you. It won't replace your Diablo 3 thirst, but it will give you something to play in the meantime. It's a decent enough RPG that if you look past the ancient style of gameplay will give you something entertaining. It looks nice, lasts long, plays fine and it does most of the stuff it set out to do. So if you fancy spending hours smashing peoples face in and pimping out your character then by all means try it out, just don't expect something overwhelming.