Dungeons & Dragons Online Interview

Massive Gamer Magazine has conducted an interview with Dungeons & Dragons Online senior producer Kate Paiz about the game's newly launched Module 8 update, as well as what's coming in the MMO's future.
With the newfound refined development experience and a horde of experienced players as young Monks and new hybrid builds, it has opened the door to usher in a new generation of Dungeons and Dragons Online fans.

That doesn't mean that they ignored the high level players as they expanded their base. On top of the other content, they continued the Stormreaver plot from Module 4. The previous updates had a demonic theme, while this one focuses on Dragons and Giants.

(We felt like it was a good time to take a break from the Demons,) she said. For long time players, they remember a giant raid boss in the Tempest Spine called Sor'jek. In Module 8, he's back, as a lich, and will toss eerily-familiar insults at those who dare cross him.

November will also serve as a unique live test for the Hireling system, which is a big but as yet unreleased part of Module 8. A lot of content in DDO requires groups and Turbine wanted it to be more accessible. With Hirelings, players can bring along an AI groupmate who can help them complete content. However, AI is one of the trickier things to balance, develop and, of course, manage on the server. They felt the system needed more time to develop.