Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Elite Texture Pack Examined

PCGH has taken a closer look at the benefits offered by the "Elite Texture Pack" included in the Sacred 2 Collector's Edition.
After the installation of the Elite Graphics DVD the option "Elite) is added to the texture quality options. We made some comparative pictures on a Radeon HD 4870 (1,024 MiByte VRAM). Because our version doesn't support quick saving and quick loading yet, our shots aren't absolutely identical, since we had to walk to the appropriate locations every time.

At the moment we cannot give any comments about the performance of the game, since we haven't had the Day-One-Patch. The Radeon HD 4870 reached between 20 to 45 fps at 1.680 x 1.050 with 4x anti aliasing and 16:1 AF.
There isn't a whole lot of difference, but it's still annoying that they make this type of thing exclusive to a CE.