Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview

Ten Ton Hammer has kicked up a new article-style interview with Mythic Entertainment's Paul Barnett about the humorous additions he's made (and will make) to Warhammer Online.
On a similar vein, we asked Paul what a Creative Director is in charge now that the game has officially launched. Does he simply create more ideas and concepts to use in upcoming patches and/or expansions? Here's how Paul responded:

"Designers, concepters and world creators are - on the whole - pretty competent. They pretty much know how to make MMO stuff. They don't need me to go "I think we need a mail system!" They don't need me to go "I think we should have chat!"

"They do need me when they try to do something like throw in pop culture references to holidays. A group of people may say that we should mirror real life holidays in our game and give them silly names. Then I stand up and say that we don't want anything to do with that and why don't we just use one of the crazy festivals that exist in Warhammer anyway? Instead of creating a Warhammer word for Christmas, why don't we just have the Festival of the Pie?"