Frayed Knights Praise & Criticism

Rampant Coyote is linking to two separate Frayed Knights-related news items that I think are both worth a mention. First is the note that Frayed Knights won the Dream Games' "Game In a Year" competition.
We are pleased to finally be able to announce that the clear winner of the contest is Frayed Knights by Rampant Games.

They were consistent throughout development, had the best quality product which adhered to their design, provided excellent testing and feedback cycles through their community.
Of equal interesting is a link to a critique piece of Frayed Knights that tears the pilot to shreds, and it's only part I.
This may not seem like too much of a hassle at first, but please think about it, you are going to naturally leave all the potions and useable stuff on the party inventory just to save a few steps for when someone needs an item. This would still be too much of a hassle when you need to move around a lot of things. On top of that, if you leave all the useable items on the party inventory, then in battle you won't have access to them.

To solve these problems, there are a few things that can be done without changing anything important: Add a button to transfer items from characters to other characters directly, add the option to use potions and other stuff on a different character than the current one, and move the character scrolling arrows to the center of the screen, just below the descriptions.

Oh, but wait! we have more problems: One would think that comparing stats between characters and between items would be a priority. The descriptions are all nice and dandy, but knowing that this dagger was made from frozen snot does not tell me if it's better at delivering massive damage than a sword made out of pus. The stats have priority, I shouldn't have to scroll through the descriptions to get to the stats, at the very least put them both visible without any needs of scrolling. Alternatively, the stats could be shown by hovering the mouse over the items.