BioShock 2 Platforms Indicated, Teaser Released

2K Games' Cult of Rapture website now offers the BioShock 2 teaser trailer in high definition rather than the shaky-cam we viewed earlier.

In other BioShock 2-related news, 2K refuses to confirm whether the sequel will hit all three platforms on which the teaser was released (PC, Xbox 360, and PS3) but does, at least, suggest it to GameSpot.
Given that the BioShock 2 trailer is available for download on two consoles and the PC, it seems a forgone conclusion that it will be available on all three platforms. However, 2K rep Charlie Sinhaseni was somewhat cagey about the details, saying only "BioShock 2 is destined for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC platforms." Reps would not comment on whether or not the game would be released on all three simultaneously.