Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Reviews

Several new reviews of BioWare's Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood have reached the web over the past few days. GameSpot goes with a score of 6.5/10:
Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood is a decent mix of everyone's favorite hedgehog with the role-playing genre, but you expect a more engrossing storyline and challenging gameplay from a company as experienced as BioWare. As it stands, the game offers little more than touch-screen battle prompts and Sonic nostalgia.

Boomtown gives it a 7/10:
There's a good 16+ hours of game here as well and while I wouldn't necessarily suggest anybody other than the most ardent Sonic fan rushes out and purchases it, I would heartily recommend it as soon as it reaches a price south of £20. That's as long as you're not after a typical Bioware RPG.

RPGFan gives it a 80%:
An odd and unique fusion of Eastern and Western RPG conventions, Sonic Chronicles is a difficult game to qualify. On one hand, it's weak when compared to other Bioware titles, and even some other RPGS, such as the easily comparable Mario RPG. On the other hand, though, it must be evaluated based upon what it really is: a handheld Sonic RPG. In regard to that, it's nothing less than what one might expect: a decent, juvenile adventure with fun characters, great level design, and a few first-time mistakes. Sonic Chronicles may be a lesser effort by Bioware and only an average RPG, but its not time for Sonic's funeral just yet.

The Hachiko gives it a 2.5/5:
After playing the game at E3 this year, I found myself walking away from the experience really enjoying myself and digging the battle system. I still enjoy the battle system, but after an extended amount of time with the game, it's hard not to become a tad bored with the repetition, slowness, and faults of the fights. On top of that you've got the mundane story, worthless dialogue trees, and environments that that are more difficult to manage around then any others I've played in an RPG. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a decent game, but the fun factor is extremely hampered by the numerous faults.

GamingTrend gives it a 78%:
Sonic Chronicles is not a bad game by any means, and I had a fantastic time when the combat worked like it promised it would. It seems that if they make a sequel, they might be able to iron out the weird control issues or the odd combat quirks. In the meantime, if you want a decent RPG that tries to do things a little differently, you can do worse than Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Gamervision gives it a "Rent It":
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a decent first attempt at giving the speedy hedgehog a new genre to explore, but the game lacks the addictive and challenging elements that make RPG fans want to keep exploring and progressing. It's fun at times and definitely has its moments, but on a system that already has some pretty great role-playing games in its library, there doesn't seem to be much of a place for this one. It's possible that I expected too much out of BioWare and the blue speedster, but that doesn't change the fact that the games never achieves greatness, though it probably could have. Maybe next time, Sonic.

And Cheat Code Central gives it a 3.5/5:
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a noble effort by the folks at BioWare to translate the lore of SEGA's beloved hedgehog and his cronies to an RPG format. Largely, the game succeeds at providing an interesting experience. However, it seems to be too simplistic for its own good, lacking the depth of gameplay needed to make it truly special. As such, The Dark Brotherhood is a good first step, but it is more likely to appeal to fans than to the gaming community at large.