Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review

AtomicGamer chimes in with their review of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, giving Mythic's MMORPG an overall score of 88%.
While I really enjoyed Age of Conan in its first few weeks, the game fell flat almost immediately as the players proved that the game couldn't handle much more than small-group PvP in a few zones (plus, the siege system was almost completely broken). In Warhammer, that initial charm is there, but you quickly realize that the PvE content won't hold your attention for the full 40 levels, but then the potential for excellent PvP becomes more and more apparent. The first impression isn't as great, but as long as Mythic can keep up what they've been doing, we should see a much more solid PvP-oriented endgame here than we did in Conan.

As far as the rest of the endgame goes, there's not nearly the PvE focus in Warhammer Online as in Blizzard's top game, but to hear many WoW players talk, they're quite happy to sit in arenas and call that their endgame - for those players, this could be what pulls them away from Azeroth and Outland. For the raiding players, Warhammer could turn out to be no more than a distraction for a few months, but for those who want to see PvP be an integral part of their MMO experience, then this is their next big game. The end result is simply that Warhammer Online is a big deal for those who want to kill other players, but may be ho-hum for those who want the most compelling, charming, content-filled fantasy world out there.