The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review

GameSpot brings us the latest review of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, in which they deem the RPG re-release "great" and give it a score of 8.5/10.
The box includes a number of collectible items, such as a game guide; a CD soundtrack of the game's fantastically atmospheric background tunes, plus some "inspired by" tracks; a behind-the-scenes DVD; and a paper map, along with the Djinni game editor for modders. So you get your money's worth here if you go for the full retail package rather than the download.

Barring the initial installation bugs, this is what The Witcher should have been last year. While the original game was an undeniably very good RPG epic with one of the most authentically adult storylines to ever grace the genre, this overhauled edition has turned that near-classic into a near-masterpiece.