Arcania: A Gothic Tale Interview

The folks at Polish website have posted an interview with Spellbound Entertainment's Dietrich Limper about their upcoming Gothic sequel, Arcania: A Gothic Tale.
Klecha ( How big will be the world of Gothic 4: Arcania for the players in the game and what sorts of locations and settings they will be able to explore?

Dietrich Limper (Spellbound): The size will be more or less typical for RPG games. Something between the size of Gothic 2 and Gothic 3 is a realistic goal, which we are aiming for.

Klecha ( How will players "level up" in the game?

Dietrich Limper (Spellbound): Since Gothic 4: Arcania is going to be a classic. RPG leveling is one major aspect of the game. You will start out rather weak and become stronger and more experienced through leveling. Gaining new skills, spells and abilities is one aspect of every new level, but you will also improve your fighting and overall knowledge of the world. We try to make the leveling process as smooth and exciting as possible.