Space Siege Review

AceGamez has reviewed Space Siege and did not like Gas Powered Games' latest take at the hack 'n slash genre, giving it a 5/10.
Here you'll happen upon one of the games most bizarre design decisions; it's resistance to abandon the point and click control scheme so favoured by the genre. While such a method of attack might work well when you've only a sword for comfort, in a game where your main weapons fire projectiles, using the mouse to navigate and attack can be mildly frustrating more times than it should be. You can't move and shoot at the same time, which means that when the Kerak occasionally decide to use ranged weapons of their own, you have to disengage from shooting them and quickly click somewhere to move out of the way. Now, imagine doing that while simultaneously trying to gun down three or four separate aliens who are coming at you with melee weapons. There are abilities and the added bonuses of using grenades or even a robotic assistant to help alleviate the burden of this continuous and frustrating killing, but the fact remains that the control system was the one thing Gas Powered really should have reworked. A mouse and keyboard style set up would have worked wonders for the game; in fact, I'm amazed this wasn't the first thing that was focused on.