Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Temple Guardian Details

Ascaron has updated the official Sacred 2: Fallen Angel website with information and images for the final character class - the Temple Guardian.
For a long time the High Elves made use of the T-Energy for their purposes. During the Great War the Temple Guardians seized the opportunity to end that practice. They relocated and hid the hub, which made the T-Energy of the Great Machine accessible for everyone. This caused the Temple Guardians to become enemies of the rulers and clerics of Ancaria who had been profiting from the misuse of T-Energy.

After the Great War the survivors were hunted down, so now only a few of their kind remain. Not enough to effectively accomplish their mission, a mission that is more important than ever because it's clear that the Great Machine and the T-Energy is running out of control.

But not all of the Temple Guardians were wiped out. Somewhere along the line, a mechanism was triggered and the shut down Temple Guardians were reactivated.