Disciples III: Renaissance Tier 2 Female Hero

Akella has posted another Disciples III: Renaissance character profile, this time detailing a typical female hero from the game.
The gloves warn by the swordsmen are weak and will not hold up if struck. They should be replaced with the Eagles Claw whenever possible. Of course, to find these skilled glove makers is not an easy task, but definitely worth it, because, in addition to their reputation for protecting the hands, these gloves will also give the owner great power.

The Steel Helmet of Rage, despite the fact that it is not featuring a beaver, provides much more head protection than an ordinary soldier's helmet. As for the lack of a beaver, this was done specifically to scary the enemies in combat. Seeing the face of a knight showing their anger would terrify the enemies so they would retreat before the battle began.

Remember, no helmet beavers.