Two Worlds: Epic Edition Reviews

Honest Gamers and Gamepyre have both conjured up reviews of Southpeak and Reality Pump's Two Worlds: Epic Edition, though they arrive at very different scores. Honest Gamers gives it a 5/10:
There is a quaint charm to Two Worlds, and it can be reasonably enjoyable at times. But it's spoilt regularly by atmosphere-destroying nonsense and odd design choices. The script regularly confuses Tolkien with Shakespeare, resulting in some horrific Old English obscurity that rarely makes much sense. It's delivered by actors devoid of any sense of emphasis, and conversations end up hilarious at times and cringe-worthy at others. And it decides to make your sister a steaming-hot damsel-in-distress type. Now I'm not the sort to masturbate furiously over polygonal characters, but Two Worlds certainly uses this virtual sex symbol as a selling point (see the cover art of the original release). As a result, I found myself constantly having to remind myself that the lady I was saving wasn't supposed to be my wife. That's not necessarily Reality Pump's fault, but it does seem odd. It made me feel incestuous.

I'm not sure I enjoy games that make me feel like that.

While Gamepyre gives it a 82/100:
Two Worlds is not the best game out there, but it is entertaining enough to make the time pass quicker on those really boring nights when insomnia takes over.