Eschalon: Book II Question of the Week

I think we missed last week's "Question of the Week", so here are two updates for Eschalon: Book II. A question asking if there will be armor sets in Eschalon: Book II is answered with "kind of", and this week:
Question #11
[IJball] Will we visit Thaermore at all in Book II?

I know the "blurb" for Book II says "Thaermore has fallen." But I'm hoping we at least get to visit the area again (if not in Book II, then at least in Book III). I think I'll be sad if we never get to see Thaermore again...

The storyline for Book II does not involve Thearmore so we are not planning on reproducing that entire destroyed region within Book II. However, we are planning on taking players back to one small area inside Thaermore...

Perhaps for Book III we will reproduce all of the previous areas of Eschalon from Book I and II even if the storyline doesn't require it...we'll just have to see what our budget is for the 3rd game.