Space Siege Review

The editors at have reviewed Space Siege, giving the sci-fi action RPG a 64%.
Next to that, your quest to save the Armstrong from all cliché threats imaginable is incredibly short, even for an action RPG. After little more than nine hours(!) of searching every inch of the ship for something more exciting than boxes with scraps in them I saw one of the end sequences. Sometimes less can be more but that doesn't really count here as the main Space Siege experience never gets more exciting than what you've seen in most other hack 'n slash games, 'dramatic storyline' or not. I had hoped for a sudden big change of setting (other spaceships, alien planets, the Saturn defense platform, destroyed earth) which could have spiced up the game. Now it feels like you've only played one Act.

To some extent Space Siege's focus does sink through like how it constantly keeps the flow going. Everything is very straightforward, backtracking of the irritating kind doesn't occur often and you're given tasks on-the-fly. While it's all smooth you keep feeling the need to bring up your objectives screen or the map, things which maybe should have been displayed automatically in-game. Especially with the map it's annoying to bring up a seperate screen everytime as some corridors look so alike. The vertical buildup of the levels also aren't properly displayed on the map, something which old 3D first-person shooters and RPG's didn't have a problem with. Even with those minor quirks taken into account you're sweeping fast through the Armstrong's interior and exterior.