Space Siege Reviews

Two more reviews of Gas Powered Games' sci-fi hack'n'slash Space Siege have made their way to the web. Edge Online doesn't like it much, giving it a 4/10.
As you progress, you encounter greater numbers of gaming clichés. Small girls will run across corridors, giggling, only to vanish when out of sight. The ship's artificial intelligence is acting suspiciously and may have ulterior motives. You listen to a lot of conveniently placed audio recordings from unseen crew members.

There's a very deliberate pattern to hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers. Monsters are killed, treasure is collected and used to buy new equipment, which in turn facilitates greater monster killing. When done right the fountains of gold, advancing levels and satisfying sounds result in a trance-like flow of satisfaction. When the sounds are forgettable, the fountains are dry and the advances are irrelevant, it's as dull as this.

And Games32 feels about the same way, giving it a score of 61/100.
"Space Siege" was certainly disappointing and once finished, nothing will be remembered from it, apart from the occasional frustrating moments. Seeing as Seth can`t really die, just be resurrected at the nearest Aid Station, the game is certainly suited to gamers of all ages and skill. If you`re expecting a "Dungeon Siege" in space, "Space Siege" is not. If you`re expecting an RPG in space, "Space Siege" most certainly is not. If you want a nice, fast paced arcade in space, than "Space Siege" might be worth your while.