Wizardry 8 Retrospective, Continued

The Wizardry 8 Retrospective on Tales of the Rampant Coyote continues with Part IX: My Duplicity Has a Price.
She mentioned how the Umpani in her bar had talked about having me for an ally. And she said the T'Rang in her bar had said the same thing - that I'd been allied with THEM. The Umpani and T'Rang, being enemies, don't talk much with each other, but if *I* wanted to make sure that little bit of information didn't leak out, I had to pay her around 4,000 gold pieces!

YEESH! I thought she and Vi were BFFs or something like that. Apparently not. Or she's cutting Vi in on the take. Dang RPCs. My duplicity comes at a price, apparently.

But I wasn't done yet with being extorted. No! On leaving Arnika shortly therafter (I'd made a quick side-trip), I ran into a whole pack of Rattkin. I was immediately on my guard, even though they were highlighted green, as I figured they were still sore at me for um... you know... killing a whole bunch of them. Apparently, though, they were in a mood for talking... in their best New York Thug accent. They told me they knew what I'd done with the Mook and had stolen the Chaos Mollari, and if I didn't want the Mook to find out about it, I had to pay them some hush money.