Wizardry 8 Retrospective, Continued

The Wizardry 8 retrospective on Tales of the Rampant Coyote continues, this time chronicling Jay's travels through Umpani territory.
The niftiest thing about the Umpani Base - and the caves nearby - is that there are a ton of locked and trapped lockers and chests to practice my larcenous skills upon. I think I gained another four or five points of locks & traps skill just from robbing my comrades-in-arms blind.

My first task was to go through training. Great. Here we've been battling untold monsters and the robot-soldiers of the Dark Savant, and now we need basic training. It involved an obstacle course - with some death traps! The Umpani don't play around! It culminated with a battle against training dummies. Who fought back in lethal (but not very difficult) combat. Again, the Umpani don't play around. Surviving training evidently promoted us to second class rank.

Our new task? Kill a T'Rang, and bring back a body part as evidence. Oh, hey, didn't I have an arm left over from a previous adventure? I pulled it out of my back pocket, and impressed the sergeant enough that he promoted us again, and sent us into the Mount Gigas Caves for more training.