Space Siege Reviews

A couple more reviews of SEGA and Gas Powered Games' Space Siege hit the web over this past weekend. Thunderbolt has given it a 6/10:
The gameplay in Space Siege is an improvement over many of the other action RPGs that I've played, but the plot and the design leave a lot to be desired. I would have really appreciated if the developers tried to imagine beyond the traditional stereotypes of the space genre to create something truly unique. Unfortunately, they instead chose clichés, which sadly bring down the gameplay experience. While Space Siege is by no means bad, it is a very typical and uninspired video game.

And Computer Games Romania has followed suit with a 60/100:
Space Siege is a mediocre game, trying to fool the audience with its high price of admission, which is completely unjustified compared to what you actually get in the package. There are much better titles out there in this segment of the market, so you'd be better off buying something else. Or, if you really want to get it, wait for the price to drop.