Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Interview

PALGN had the opportunity to fire over a round of questions to BioWare's Dorian Kieken about the now-gold Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
PALGN: Can you explain the game's levelling up system? Are attributes (i.e. health, attack power) automatically increased or do players get to pick and choose? Also, how do Chaos affect party members?

DK: Well, oddly enough, the answer is both. The attributes are automatically increased but additional points can be manually assigned.

Chao on their end will bring several special abilities to the party members. They can regenerate health or power points, increase an existing statistic, add elemental damage to the attack or on the opposite protect the character with an elemental shield. The most powerful Chao are the unique ones that are very difficult to catch. One of these unique Chao can for example increase the chance of a character to instantly knock out an enemy. As an aside, during the development of the game, some use to call it the (Vorpal Chao) in reference to a similar ability in Dungeon & Dragons. (smile)